Monday, May 2, 2011

Here We Go!

Ok. This is how I plan to procrastinate during finals...also how I plan to spend some of my time this summer. This blog. It'll be an adventure (I tell myself). Here we go!

I'm big on economics, international relations, politics, and I'm a wannabe quant. Right now, I'm working on a quantitative analysis of NATO's mission in Afghanistan. It's almost done, but I'm really getting bogged down.

Having problems with moving from a static to a dynamic model...Oy.

I've got some goals this summer though:

1. Get a whiteboard (a must at this point).
2. Learn Math.
3. Realize I can't "learn math" and settle for understanding lots more than I do right now.
4. Not fail out of college because I'm doing nerdy things like discovering the underlying patterns of human behavior.
5. Not list things about college on a summer to-do list.

But seriously, a side note on patterns: finding what you think might be a pattern that unlocks an aspect of individual (or state) behavior is like sorting chaos to find the face of God. You know a little bit more than everyone else about how the world works.

^^^That was a little dramatic, and for the 2 people who will read this, I apologize.

Finally, my tags for this post will be Summer, Afghanistan, Models, About Me.



  1. I empathize ENTIRELY with your side note about patters and am SO glad your mind has a Sociological slant! When taught well and applied appropriately, THAT is Sociology! :) If it's offered at AU and if you have the time for an extra course, you should absolutely take a course about Group Process or Group Dynamics.

    As for number 4 on your to-do list, yes yes continue ehtnographic studies, but yes yes don't fail out of college. :)

  2. Not looking like this semester, but definitely something to keep a look out for!

    Probably what I'm working on most now is mathematical modeling of human behavior/fused with those normal qualitative techniques. It's hard, but exciting.